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On dogsled and Snowmobile

Tour description

The day starts in Ilulissat

We pick up at your hotel at 8.30 am

We arrange transfer with a snowmobile

The snowmobile ride is 25 km

And takes approximately 1 hour (Each way)

You are the driver of the snowmobile and will probably share the snowmobile 2 and 2

You have a guide with you all the way

Please inform on email, if you are not able to drive the snowmobile by yourself

You will take the ride with your own driver


The dogsled ride to the glacier starts from the sea ice in the UNESCO protected area

This is the same place where local fishermen start their day

From here, we take you on a dogsled ride to the front of the glacier

A dogsled ride on the sea ice to the front of the glacier takes approx 1 hour

When you arrive at the front of the glacier, you will spend time on the ice and enjoy a cup of coffee

After the dogsled ride on the sea ice, we bring you back to


Here we enjoy lunch with a view to the glacier

After this 
The day is yours in peaceful surroundings and a stunning view to the glacier - 
If you have booked a stay at ILULISSAT ICEFIORD LODGE 

Following are also included:

⭐️ Dinner with greenlandic specialities
⭐️ Late coffee 
⭐️ Breakfast
⭐️ Shared doubleroom

After this we bring you back to Ilulissat city 
Departure from Ilulissat Icefiord Lodge is 10.30 am
You are back in Ilulissat at 11.30 am


Important note:

For your comfort. We use special made sled.

Not a traditional sled.

If you have neck and back issues. This excursions is not for you

It is also possible to add single driver on request

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