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Activities at
Ilulissat Kangia Lodge

* Please note
Requires one night at Ilulissat Kangia Lodge


The nature is on your doorstep. You can choose to enjoy the silence and peace and do absolutely nothing. You can take a walk by yourself. Or we can arrange activities for you!


Because we know every little corner around Ilulissat. 

In wintertime.

Our activities is around Ilulissat Kangia Lodge. Located in Aattartoq - Ilulissat Icefiord - The base for the local fishermen in wintertime. 25 km from Ilulissat city.

Dogsledging is Our passion.

We just LOVE the silence and all the beautiful sorroundings in the area. 

We have spent a lot of time in the area and know every little corner in the wilderness area. 

Therefor our main offers are dogsledge activities direct from the lodge.

We have pick up some activities on a dogsledge we would love you to experience. 

Welcome to Ilulissat!


Dogsled ride  to the glacier

Exclusive opportunity

On the ice among icebergs


Dogsled ride  among icebergs

Dogsledtour on the ice


Walking among icebergs

Walking on the ice


Snowmobile - on land

Let us bring you to best spots in the area

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